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Trip Planning

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

In recent reading I have heard of a new place I would like to explore. Exploring is one of my highlights of kayaking. The kid in me wants adventure.

So here I will help guide us through planning for your next adventure. I will go over the things I like to do to prepare. To feel ready to explore.

Google maps. Plain and simple my go to for when I want to explore. I am visual, so I want a visual idea of what I may be getting into. I search for places I have heard of, or just simply look for water. Often times my best adventures come from making a few trips first without my kayak, just hiking, and scouting out a map. here is an example of how you can customize google maps to suit your needs. this is a map that I created for OTC.

Next is research, reading up on what others have done, seen and do. I am fully Ok with learning from others mistakes. Groups on facebook, or just the internet is great for this.

After finding a place and deciding if it is within my range of abilities, I decide what to do while I am there. Is it a cool spring that I will be swimming in, do I need fishing gear or snorkeling gear? Is it long, or short. I make a checklist so before I load into the truck I can check it off. Good packing and planning on what to bring goes a long way to having a successful adventure.

I plan my first trip very loosely. I allow extra travel time, extra time to read all the park signage if that applies. I allow time to ask locals questions, or the Ranger if there is one. Success favors the prepared mind.

Last but not least, I plan on having fun.

So get out there, scout around, and feel ready when you get to that adventure.

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