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New Firmware Yacom Arv7518pw [Updated] 2022




v2 for my arv7518pwv2 router I have a new firmware yacom arv7518pwv2 for my arv7518pwv2 router. And i had a hard time get it to work. There are also 2 dualband / ip / (in the folder Hardware / Config) Did i forget something? Oh, i had to test the portforwarding to see if the yahoo protocol is working. And it is. After a total of 3 times firmware upgrade, i had to install a new firmware to the router. It seems like it is time to reinstall my wifi router. Questions : 1- Do i have to put all my wifi router in manage mode and retype the cisco (ethernet) ip address and netmask? I don't know if i have the original ip address and netmask 2- Do i have to get in recovery mode with a poweroff or a reset button? ( i have reset, but it won't boot with a normal poweroff ) 3- I have the psk used in my cisco client / pc / ios, but there is no way i can use this psk on my wireless clients. I get : Code: The serial number for the wireless client does not match the remote serial number that has been negotiated Am i missing something? 4- Can i connect this psk to another router? 5- Is this new firmware to router compatible with the old firmware? I would prefer to give to some ARVN user (elsewhere) the yacom firmware, but i don't know if it is possible. 1- Yes, you need to change it in manage mode and retype all your IP and Netmask in. 2- If you have not changed the default password then it will boot in manage mode with a power off or reset button, since the router is using a re-flash. 3- Yes you need to enter a Psk in the Settings / Wireless / Wireless Settings. You can use this psk in other AP. 4- It is NOT compatible between the 2 firmware, to get it to work in your setup you will need to go to MANAGE MODE, do a reconfig of the wireless LAN, enter the WEP key, exit Man



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New Firmware Yacom Arv7518pw [Updated] 2022

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